Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another Facebook page to follow.

Gangster Kitty Rebel is finally on facebook. 

I have been so incredibly busy this last week working on articles and shooting as well as shooting my daily outfit posts I haven't even had the chance to post anything (oh the irony). 
But, I am back and I have many things to share. The upcoming weeks all the way to LA Fashion Week are going to be a big, giant, awesome blur. My vocabulary is at an all time low. I think I used up all my big words for the articles. Shit 
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Downtown LA. How I love and hate you.

I promised day shots and I have delivered. 

I had to return all the clothes to every PR agency today and I discovered returning is not quite as fun as pulling. I decided to look more on the professional side, although considered a bit casual. I feel blessed that in my line of work you don't need to wear a boring black pantsuit (unless its vintage Dior or Chanel of course). Anytime I wear a pencil skirt I just feel all woman. I kept it easy going by just adding an over sized tank top tucked in the shirt with a vintage IZOD Lacoste sweater that was handed down to my photographer Jeff Linett's grandfather (purchased date was estimated around mid 70s). My skirt is D&G, belt versace (vintage) and mom's vintage clutch.

OK, lovely kiddos.. I'll talk to you soon!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anine Bing

I'm in love. 


New designer and former model Anine Bing has come out with her new collection of bohemian, rocknroll inspired pieces that couldn't be made better. The best fabrics and leather were used and when I saw this jacket my heart actually skipped a beat. Also, I have never had black pants quite like these. The fit and feel of them were pure luxury. Underneath I am wearing a body suit by Marlies Dekkers. I had to take a quick shot with no pants to show you how absolutely stunning this bodysuit is. It can be worn as lingerie or as a little cami like I did here. Needless to say, I felt like a badass. Anine Bing, you have captured my heart.

Jacket, pants--Anine Bing  Bodysuit- Marlies Dekkers
Clothing Courtesy of THV PR

Photography by Jeff Linett

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pulling, hard.

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Those pants would look better on my floor..

Today I had the pleasure of styling Jeff Linett's shoot. Two editorials for Agenda Magazine and for Mami Magazine. I spent many hours yesterday going from showroom to showroom pulling pieces for today's shoot.  
I can't show you the actual photos yet but I can show you some behind the scenes photos. Besides modeling I absolutely love being able to style other models/people (since models are clearly not real people).
The beautiful model, Frances with her gorgeous red hair and bright blue eyes made styling her a breeze. 
I picked up the hat last second at the local goodwill. Knowing Frances was the model, I knew I had to get a hat to contrast with the red. I spotted this baby blue hat with orange stiching for 2 bucks and I knew it would make her eyes and hair pop. It also fits me, so I will most definitely be rocking it this summer. win-win. 

Clothing courtesy of: Angelina Pitt, Merlin Castell, THV PR, Red Light PR, Alana Hale, Kip Morrison & Associates, Fashion Forwards
Makeup by the talented and amazing Gordan Bahn

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


                                        Chellea Magazine

I am proud to share that I will be a contributing writer/blogger for Chellea Magazine Online. A premiere magazine in fashion, arts and luxury lifestyle that takes a fresh new look and approach to today’s fashion industry. I was honored to find out they wanted me to join the team. Chellea’s following is growing in over 112 countries this last year and expanding more each day. Looking forward to our future! Check out Chellea’s website and “Like” them on Facebook. 

Chellea Magazine Facebook

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be blue.

 When in doubt. Channel Steven Tyler.

Lately, the only thing on my mind has been summer. I hate being cold but I think if I wear enough shorts the universe will grant me the warmth. I chose to go with the denim on denim ensemble. I have no problem with matching the denims so long as its done intentionally and you have accessories to break it up. I generally never match my shoes to my bag or even stay in the same color scheme, having so much blue in this outfit breaking it up with black wedges makes it look effortless. Looking like you didn't have to try too hard to achieve the look is the definition of feeling and looking sexy.

Please note* I'm smiling in this photo. Rare. Very rare.. 

Jacket- CAbi  Shorts- Paige Denim
Deux Lux 

Photographed by Jeff Linett. 
All my pics have been shot at night.. I gotta change that up.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

kittygangster valentines day.

                                   Happy Valentines Day. This is probably my least favorite holiday. Not for the obvious girl reasons since I am single this particular Valentines Day. Because I hate how everyone all of a sudden turns into these characters from really cheesy romantic comedies. I guess, I'm just a different type of girl.. 
Which is why even when I make an attempt to wear a girly print I end up wearing a leather pencil skirt. I love mixing feminine with raw pieces like black leather. It throws off the whole look and ends up making you look like you put effort into your 'non effort' outfit. The shape of the skirt is classic, so even though this is currently "trendy" I know this shape will be a staple in my closet for as long as the lord lets me wear it. 

Leather was used everywhere during Fashion week S/S 2013
Check out this link to Elle Magazine Leather Spring Trends
Skirt- Vintage, Carlo Ferranti Paris 
Crop Top- Vintage, Ann Taylor
Shoes- Prada

Photography: Jeff Linett 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 I was a 90s kid and sometimes putting on my baggy Levi's and my shiny     Adidas is exactly what feels right. 

Word to yo motha. 

Pants- Levi's, Shoes-Adidas hightop, Jacket-Vintage, Watch- Michael Kors


Keepin it Gangsta

Love this look, easy, rocknrolla

I have a certain uniform I like to wear. I have a few things in my closet I know I can turn to when I really just have nothing to wear. Denim and leather have a toughness, make you feel strong but the leather is soft and I can still feel feminine. I can wear this look into nighttime and if I really wanted to look a little "girlier" I would throw on a pair of nude peep toe pumps to elongate my legs so I can look all sorts of sexy.

Shorts- Vest- Thrifted/Vintage

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I was delighted to find this dress that left by a stylist in Jeff's car. I quickly claimed it as it was the perfect LBD for a night out. The best part is its from the store Forplay which sells mostly very sexy "club" clothes. but the cut of this dress and the slits make it sexy but not too revealing. 
Just make sure when wearing something of the nature to keep everything else (hair, makeup, accessories)  simple, a PG rating.

Link to the dress


I am the first to admit that I am not a conformist but when it comes to the clothes that I wear and the products that I use on my body I am somewhat of a snob. I don't think there is anything wrong with a woman (or man) only using what they consider the best. Of course not everyone can afford a $400.00 jar of La Mer but there are products out there that can [ALMOST] compare to those of a higher price tag.
I'll show you two of my favorite facial brands that make incredible stuff and two very different price tags.


I love its simple packaging and clean smelling products. It never makes my skin too dry or too oily. 
It was founded in 1851 and in a small pharmacy in East Village, NY and now its being sold in 30 retail stores nationwide. Price range: Medium-High $20-80 

Next is an amazing drug store face wash/brand that is probably the least expensive thing in my medicine cabinet but I will wash my face with this almost everyday if not twice (because its so gentle) 


It's used in every dermatologist's office and you may remember it as a teenager but I still use it in my (late) 20s. They have cleansers and moisturizers all made to your specific skin type.  Price range: very low- low $5-$15 any drugstore will carry them which is the best part. 

moral of the story ladies and gentlemen: You don't need to be rich to be a snob and just because it glitters doesn't mean its gold. Now, go wash your face. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

What is art to you?

When I first started modeling I had no idea that it would turn into something much more creatively fulfilling for me. It became less about the industry and more about creating art. 
I started shooting at 19. Nothing major but I got a feel for it and eventually when I met my bestfriend/photographer Jeff Linett that is when I realized that when I completely let myself go, the same way I would if I were painting or drawing, in the zone. I could connect emotionally with the camera more than I could vocally or in "real life". This is when the beast was let loose.. 

Here is the video from an editorial for Agenda Magazine I had done and full editorial found at the link below. 

Agenda Magazine-- "A Movement Study"

I love playing with shadows, contouring and movement of course. Not to mention the connection I intend to make is always genuine, the pain or beauty or love that I feel is always poured into whatever outlet I choose. Music is also an insanely important part of my process. There is music playing at all times during my day. Sometimes its just in my head, but whatever works. 

I believe that anyone is capable of "the zone".  I call it wake meditation. You are completely in the moment. You feel what you feel and you accept it. You are alive, let all that emotion take over your body and you can create anything. 

I should also mention that the caplet I'm wearing belonged to Courtney Love at one point. Crazy bitch.

Again, video and photographs were taken by the talented Jeff Linett

Grammy Night.

Opted on going out tonight. Then, changed my mind.

This is what I wore..

Look, let me get this straight first. I will be the first at the Barney's sale and I love my designer and my couture like any girl in this fucking city. But, I will not pass up the chance to dig for my shit in a thrift store and when I find a treasure I can't help but to post it. I was just about to apologize for my language (mom) but I decided I'm not going to. Anyway, I found this pencil skirt thrifting the other day. It's of course vintage (I'm a whore for it) but it fits like a glove and the actual cut, fabric and a color is so perfectly classic that I know it will be in my closet till the day my ass grows too big to wear it.
 I say, be a snob about fashion but never be a snob about finding an amazing piece at a thrift store. All you need is patience, a few bucks and a good eye. I suppose the good eye should be first but since you are already reading this blog you clearly have a good eye. effin wink.

total money spent on entire ensemble: Skirt 9.00 Wool Pencil Skirt. Approx 1955-1965
Blouse- Oldie but goodie from Arden B ($45.00 at the time)

                                                        Photography by Jeff Linett-- BFF