Monday, February 11, 2013

What is art to you?

When I first started modeling I had no idea that it would turn into something much more creatively fulfilling for me. It became less about the industry and more about creating art. 
I started shooting at 19. Nothing major but I got a feel for it and eventually when I met my bestfriend/photographer Jeff Linett that is when I realized that when I completely let myself go, the same way I would if I were painting or drawing, in the zone. I could connect emotionally with the camera more than I could vocally or in "real life". This is when the beast was let loose.. 

Here is the video from an editorial for Agenda Magazine I had done and full editorial found at the link below. 

Agenda Magazine-- "A Movement Study"

I love playing with shadows, contouring and movement of course. Not to mention the connection I intend to make is always genuine, the pain or beauty or love that I feel is always poured into whatever outlet I choose. Music is also an insanely important part of my process. There is music playing at all times during my day. Sometimes its just in my head, but whatever works. 

I believe that anyone is capable of "the zone".  I call it wake meditation. You are completely in the moment. You feel what you feel and you accept it. You are alive, let all that emotion take over your body and you can create anything. 

I should also mention that the caplet I'm wearing belonged to Courtney Love at one point. Crazy bitch.

Again, video and photographs were taken by the talented Jeff Linett