Thursday, February 14, 2013

kittygangster valentines day.

                                   Happy Valentines Day. This is probably my least favorite holiday. Not for the obvious girl reasons since I am single this particular Valentines Day. Because I hate how everyone all of a sudden turns into these characters from really cheesy romantic comedies. I guess, I'm just a different type of girl.. 
Which is why even when I make an attempt to wear a girly print I end up wearing a leather pencil skirt. I love mixing feminine with raw pieces like black leather. It throws off the whole look and ends up making you look like you put effort into your 'non effort' outfit. The shape of the skirt is classic, so even though this is currently "trendy" I know this shape will be a staple in my closet for as long as the lord lets me wear it. 

Leather was used everywhere during Fashion week S/S 2013
Check out this link to Elle Magazine Leather Spring Trends
Skirt- Vintage, Carlo Ferranti Paris 
Crop Top- Vintage, Ann Taylor
Shoes- Prada

Photography: Jeff Linett