Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My new diggs and new normal.

OK. That’s it. Today is a new fucking day and I need to do some shit before my entire life falls apart entirely. Not entirely, just temporarily entirely. I swear so much, I had no idea that I even swore in the last sentence till I reread it. I should try expanding my vocabulary but I think there is nothing I can say or do to replace a world like Fuck or Cunt.
That’s beautiful.
This last April, I have spent looking like a bag lady moving. With black garbage bags with more garbage bags that over flowed to the point of me having to pick up my life off the floor as everything tore and flipped over, covered in bruises and bleeding. I realize I’m stronger than any man.
No, not one person helped as my sister and I carried 200lb boxes wrapped in blankets.
It’s not like we actually looked homeless.. . Nope, not at all.
I sat down at the computer an hour ago, not to write this bullshit but to actually finish my CV. I need to write my cover letter and so far I’ve written two words on the paper one of which just says Bitchass. I just don’t think that’s an acceptable finish. I’ll get back to it but I realize that I haven’t written or posted anything on my blog. The blog I started on a day like today, a day of procrastination. Since I have been wearing whatever clothes I find on the bottom of my over flowed closet for the last 3 weeks I will show you the progress on the new digs. I sort of went paint happy and started painting everything and anything that allowed acrylic paint without sanding first. Even though I only moved less than a mile away I can safely say, the grass is actually greener on the other side. It’s so weird; did you know if you pay more money you can live in a nicer place? I got confused there for a while since thrifting does not apply to this rule.
Just because I love going to the Goodwill doesn’t mean I actually want to live there.
12th move in 10 years, I think this gypsy needs to settle down for a while now.

Welcome to my home! ( not really, but here are some pictures)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

All Hail Alana.

I knew Alana Hale before I ever met Alana Hale.

Three years ago, during Los Angeles Fashion Week, my long time friend and photographer Jeff Linett, was showcasing a number of designers at a gallery show. Needless to say, I forced him to use me as the model. That day was cold and because we’re shooting in downtown Los Angeles, it was windy too. I was freezing and thankful that editorial work required no smiling. I was grumpy. Until, that is, I got to put on Alana Hale. Suddenly, the cold and the wind became a part of energy and glamour of her clothing-- I felt edgy and young and my editorial face was no longer a sign of grumpiness. Later, during the runway show, a young blonde with a beaming smile introduced herself as Alana Hale. We quickly bonded over her amazing taste in shoes.

A recent graduate of FIDM Alana is already making a name for herself. Her unique style and high quality of work received immediate attention when she debut in 2010.

Each piece is carefully crafted and made with raw materials mixed with soft delicate fabrics. Her style is haute couture that is ready to wear. Her confidence in her designs, herself and her taste has everyone in LA sitting on the edge of their seat, patiently waiting for her follow up collection to the Spring 2012 show. Alana’s designs have become a favorite with celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Tamara Mowry, and her pieces have appeared in national and international editorials.

She is currently working on a brand new line, and I know if it’s anything like the first, everyone will soon know what it is to be strong, sexy and full of joy—just like the designer, Alana Hale.

Models, Sarah Svetlana and Katie Maloney