Friday, April 12, 2013


Quick outfit post. Skirt was bought at a little shop for 2.99 and my vintage sweater with amazing fringe was a whopping 5 dollars at Goodwill. Shoes are my Cole Haan, Nike air addition.

Be inspired.

Photography by Jeff Linett

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RAW Artists LA present MARVEL

I have loved spending all of my 20s in Los Angeles. I got to experience what it was like for an adult to grow up here. My interests have definitely changed and my vapid, over indulged 7 days a week have now turned into a much needed and always worth while 1 or 2 days a week. That’s why I think I’m a good person to judge if is a good place to go because I don’t have the time or energy to just go wherever. I make sure when I invite my friends somewhere it’s going to be worth while. So, if you are a cool Angelino that needs some culture, great music and great people around you I consider you a friend and you should check this out.

This Thursday, April 11th RAW Artists LA is putting on a showcase, Marvel at Belasco Theatre, downtown Los Angeles (details down below). It will be an amazing art and music showcase that include visual performance and a runway show at the end of the evening. Not only is the actual event going to be awesome but my dear friend and photographer Jeff Linett has been chosen to have a showing of his work. Even though Jeff works commercially as most photographers do in this industry. Jeff is first and foremost an artist and that is why I am so excited to have people see a completely different side of his work and to also check me out hanging in a few pieces.  His choice of models, location, lighting, and wardrobe are all done in his vision and are meant to be seen with your emotions rather than the literal image.

Come check out Jeff and the other amazing artists showcasing their work.

Here’s a sample of some of Jeff’s artwork that will make the showcasing Thursday evening.

DOORS @ 6:00PM

Perfomance portion of the event over at 10:00PM

TICKETS $15 in advance and $20 at the door


Music All Night by Neon Lights Show Contest Winner


Hosted by Jesse Daniels

Video shot by Thai Chau at AXYZ3
Photos by Valerie Durham

Click here to view the flyer:

Check out our site:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Run, B, RUN!

"Let it happen again"--Everybody thought she was crazy. 



 Found this 90's XOXO skirt at the thrift store for 3 bucks and it has the perfect fit that sits on the higher part of my waist which means I can wear all my crop tops. No fashion trend is ever new but its how you style it that make it modern and new. So now instead of going all the way "hipster" thrifting (which I out grew several years ago) I will mix and match vintage pieces with modern styles. Nobody would ever know or believe how much you actually paid for it. Unfortunately,walking into a Goodwill isn't just taking the first thing off the rack and calling it a day, I truly believe finding treasures is a skill that you're either born with or need to be taught by a trained professional such as myself.  I'm planning on doing a post on "How to shop at a thrift shop like a Gangster Kitty".
Till then... I will inspire you to not pay full price and find things in your closet that you've had forever. Even if you think its past season it can be worn in a whole different way to make it fresh and fabulous.

 Photography by Jeff Linett