Sunday, March 31, 2013

count your blessings. Thankfully we have facebook to remind us of them

I've just had one of those days where if you looked at me the wrong way or even the right way I could and would bite your head off. 


I wish I didn't have to feel like this but there are just those time that girl needs to be alone. To recharge, reflect and just not have to listen or talk to anyone. Yet of course there was the sense of guilt of not doing a thing that I needed to be doing. Unfortunately when you work in a creative field you can't just force yourself to be creative when all you want to do is sit in your closet (my safe place). Before I made it to the closet I started looking back at all my old photos on Facebook, I mean years and years back. Basically watching my eyes (and youth) flash before my eyes. So I wanted to show you guys in chronological order my life in the last 5 or 6 years of Facebook photos, these are not all Jeff photos nor modeling photos but it shows how much growing a person can do, not just physically but where you were in your life 5 years may feel like a lifetime ago. Pretty amazing. I suggest you go back and do this yourself, just once. It's a pretty trippy ride.

I am inviting you into my life, new friends. This is a very rare occasion... 

We start with 2009--





and this year so far has been the best yet. I have my beautiful daughter, a better perspective on life, relationships and my career and my future. Posting and looking through my life and remembering all the accomplishments I have achieved and have yet to achieve make me excited for life. Life is good.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

walk of shame at midnight.

So, I didn't think anyone would really notice if I took the shopping cart. 

Anytime I see one of these things near my house and being perfectly aware that there isn't a grocery or pharmacy MILES from my house I am always just flabbergasted of all the endless stories and possibilities of how in the hell this thing got here.
I'm sure the actual reason is nowhere as interesting, BUT it makes a great prop. Especially when you make it look like you are walking the runway with your shopping cart. This just proves the fact..

"It doesn't matter what you wear it, its how you wear it".

My dear best friend and professional badass and singer., Katie Waissel from the band Red velvet told me the other night (as her and I sipped our 20 dollar drinks at the Chateau Marmot). 

Our drinks and dinner cost at 10 times the prices of my ensemble that evening but I can promise you. I felt like like a million.


The amazing photography by Jeff Linett. Where he knows how to shoot me with a cart, no matter what. Thanks Jeff. 

Monday, March 25, 2013


Open your heart and your back.  

Bodysuits, especially the 80s swimsuits make the most amazing piece to wear underneath highwaisted (anything).
My staple has definitely become my boots and I refuse to apologize for wearing them constantly because once you find that one thing it becomes who you are. These boots are more than just a piece of clothing or an accessory. They tell a story of who you are. I know that may sound silly but they make me feel confident when I wear them and I think if anyone can find that one thing that brings out their inner tiger, rock them. Rock them as much as you want. Gangster Style

Photography by Jeff Linett

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Style Fashion Week LA March 15th

 ...the colors are so pretty..

 As promised I present to you some photos that Jeff photographed when him and I were front row at Style Fashion Week LA. Just one of the many bigger events of LAFW. I can't say that Los Angeles is known for it's fashion week (yet) but we are definitely known to be able to put on a spectacular party. 
Taken place at the beautiful Vibiana downtown, a historical cathedral that has now been transformed into venue that is used for major parties and events. 
A red carpet event with full security of course, you enter to an amazing court yard filed with beautiful people, photographers and complimentary drinks. Set up like a club outside it was has the perfect vibe to begin the night and to be able to sit underneath the stars (and heat-lamps) before entering the main hall to take your seats for the shows. I was taken back by the architecture of the venue and how well organized Style FW was. I am picking a few looks for the designers that I truly loved and would recommend to watch out for.

The first designer was Linden made in Los Angeles a new designer that uses basic pieces that can be mixed and matched to make sexy, stylish yet comfortable garments. I noticed a lot of cotton and other very breezy fabric that most definitely have that southern California girl love all over it. The models all came down with beach waved hair and clean simple makeup that make the over all look effortless. 

Next designer that I absolutely fell head over heels (literally) is MadisonPark Collective. They started the show with an amazing performance professional dancers that left everyone in the perfect mood to start the show. I was in love with almost every look that went down the runway, they had a mix of women's and men's.

 Even though I am ready for summer and I have no desire to wear anymore winter clothing I actually got pretty excited to go shopping for next season. I got a ton of inspiration from the leather accents, military style yet perfectly fitted coats. I saw a lot of beige and neutral colors with amazing clean lines and cuts that was no where near boring. It was a mix of the best of 70s style of the clean lines and chunky sweaters along with the long amazing coats but nothing about it looked dated or retro, it was fresh and modern and I love that you don't need to be a size 0 to look good in this line. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

LA Fashion Week?

I will be the first to admit I am no the most social person and I can proudly say I have few friends but that is because when I call you my friend; I truly love you, care for you and my walls will never be up around you. That being said, coming to an industry event such as Style Fashion Week LA on one of the biggest nights (last two nights are the considered to the creme de le creme) Isn't always filled with pure 100% excitement beforehand. Usually, I am already planning to make my way through the crowd. Step repeat, get several photographs taken and find my post in the back with Jeff to start doing my favorite two things of people watching and smoking a cigarette with my new best friend who just lend me their lighter. Silently taking apart and examining everyone's choice of wardrobe for this particular occasion. Everyone here is wearing the best of what they think is the best. If you're going to find true style, its going to be here. 
Except this year, I was greeted by all my girlfriends who I had no idea were even going to be there. Having assigned seating I was psyched to be able to have sat with everyone during the second show. So not only was I able to work I got have a much needed girls night even if it was just for a few hours. 

Here are just a few shots before and between shows. 

I am currently writing about the amazing shows I've seen so far and of course tonights finale will be included. I am not going to anymore shows this weekend because this mama needs a break and rest. I apologize for the gap of postings but after this week I'll be writing about some amazing new designers that I am have discovered. I am genuinely so impressed and proud to be a part of this industry. Los Angeles has come so far even in the last few years in the talent we are producing. We have real artists here and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Not many things give me chills but when it comes to true art it has an affect over my soul. I feel the emotion the love the detail of each garment that the designer put into it. Their masterpiece is a true piece of art, if you truly understand and feel it its beautiful.