Tuesday, March 26, 2013

walk of shame at midnight.

So, I didn't think anyone would really notice if I took the shopping cart. 

Anytime I see one of these things near my house and being perfectly aware that there isn't a grocery or pharmacy MILES from my house I am always just flabbergasted of all the endless stories and possibilities of how in the hell this thing got here.
I'm sure the actual reason is nowhere as interesting, BUT it makes a great prop. Especially when you make it look like you are walking the runway with your shopping cart. This just proves the fact..

"It doesn't matter what you wear it, its how you wear it".

My dear best friend and professional badass and singer., Katie Waissel from the band Red velvet told me the other night (as her and I sipped our 20 dollar drinks at the Chateau Marmot). 

Our drinks and dinner cost at 10 times the prices of my ensemble that evening but I can promise you. I felt like like a million.


The amazing photography by Jeff Linett. Where he knows how to shoot me with a cart, no matter what. Thanks Jeff.