Saturday, March 9, 2013

Jump bitch, jump.

Apparently I'm a few years behind on this but I came across a pair of Cole Haan heels at the second hand store that not only were my exact size but never worn.
When I find a pair of shoes or bag that were this big of a score I immediately feel like I have truly conquered. As I was admiring my purchase I notice "NikeAir" on the bottom of my shoes. My first reaction of course was to be super irritated at the asshole who messed with my shoes.. till I googled.
Back in spring of 2010 Nike and Cole Haan teamed up to make the most comfortable heels ever. The shock absorbency actually made me wanna jump. Jump.

Now this was a brilliant idea.
Retail prices vary from $150-400

My score: $20 :)

Photography by Jeff Linett