Friday, March 1, 2013

Pump, pump it.

                              I feel a sudden urgency to just let go a little bit.

 I’ve been so busy these last few days I have completely forgot to actually breathe.             OK. It’s Friday morning and I am on my last day of a very long but productive week. Between running back and fourth from the valley to Hollywood almost everyday and feeling a bit homeless I find myself with a backseat full of clothes and not having a damn clue where or when I got that jacket but hey, I will totally wear that.  The next two outfit posts will consist of said such clothes.  All my pieces that I own or style usually can be mixed and matched in a way that makes it look like an intentional:

 “I just threw this on, but still feel pretty cool even though I have all of my clothes randomly scattered across los angeles county but nobody needs to know that.”  look.

Boots,Sam Edelman Pants-,Vintage, Horse Riding PantsJacket-,Thrifted (obviously) Clutch,Mystique Sunglasses, Lucky Brand

I never want to feel like I’m wearing someone else’s ad. That isn’t style that is just putting on a pretty color and print.  Make it your own. Seriously.

March is going to be a crazy wild ride for GKR  I have my first articles coming out in Chellea Magazine for the April issue and Fashion Week is just a short few weeks away.

We got a few candid’s of the amazing, talented Gordan Bahn doing my makeup before a shoot. He is absolutely one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met (The rarity of that is in Los Angeles is beyond comprehension). Of course I cannot help but turn into model face because secretly I have no idea how to fake a smile and I probably would’ve worked a lot more and had more friends as a child if I learned that one social behavior. On that note..
Have a great weekend!