Saturday, March 23, 2013

Style Fashion Week LA March 15th

 ...the colors are so pretty..

 As promised I present to you some photos that Jeff photographed when him and I were front row at Style Fashion Week LA. Just one of the many bigger events of LAFW. I can't say that Los Angeles is known for it's fashion week (yet) but we are definitely known to be able to put on a spectacular party. 
Taken place at the beautiful Vibiana downtown, a historical cathedral that has now been transformed into venue that is used for major parties and events. 
A red carpet event with full security of course, you enter to an amazing court yard filed with beautiful people, photographers and complimentary drinks. Set up like a club outside it was has the perfect vibe to begin the night and to be able to sit underneath the stars (and heat-lamps) before entering the main hall to take your seats for the shows. I was taken back by the architecture of the venue and how well organized Style FW was. I am picking a few looks for the designers that I truly loved and would recommend to watch out for.

The first designer was Linden made in Los Angeles a new designer that uses basic pieces that can be mixed and matched to make sexy, stylish yet comfortable garments. I noticed a lot of cotton and other very breezy fabric that most definitely have that southern California girl love all over it. The models all came down with beach waved hair and clean simple makeup that make the over all look effortless. 

Next designer that I absolutely fell head over heels (literally) is MadisonPark Collective. They started the show with an amazing performance professional dancers that left everyone in the perfect mood to start the show. I was in love with almost every look that went down the runway, they had a mix of women's and men's.

 Even though I am ready for summer and I have no desire to wear anymore winter clothing I actually got pretty excited to go shopping for next season. I got a ton of inspiration from the leather accents, military style yet perfectly fitted coats. I saw a lot of beige and neutral colors with amazing clean lines and cuts that was no where near boring. It was a mix of the best of 70s style of the clean lines and chunky sweaters along with the long amazing coats but nothing about it looked dated or retro, it was fresh and modern and I love that you don't need to be a size 0 to look good in this line.