Sunday, March 17, 2013

LA Fashion Week?

I will be the first to admit I am no the most social person and I can proudly say I have few friends but that is because when I call you my friend; I truly love you, care for you and my walls will never be up around you. That being said, coming to an industry event such as Style Fashion Week LA on one of the biggest nights (last two nights are the considered to the creme de le creme) Isn't always filled with pure 100% excitement beforehand. Usually, I am already planning to make my way through the crowd. Step repeat, get several photographs taken and find my post in the back with Jeff to start doing my favorite two things of people watching and smoking a cigarette with my new best friend who just lend me their lighter. Silently taking apart and examining everyone's choice of wardrobe for this particular occasion. Everyone here is wearing the best of what they think is the best. If you're going to find true style, its going to be here. 
Except this year, I was greeted by all my girlfriends who I had no idea were even going to be there. Having assigned seating I was psyched to be able to have sat with everyone during the second show. So not only was I able to work I got have a much needed girls night even if it was just for a few hours. 

Here are just a few shots before and between shows. 

I am currently writing about the amazing shows I've seen so far and of course tonights finale will be included. I am not going to anymore shows this weekend because this mama needs a break and rest. I apologize for the gap of postings but after this week I'll be writing about some amazing new designers that I am have discovered. I am genuinely so impressed and proud to be a part of this industry. Los Angeles has come so far even in the last few years in the talent we are producing. We have real artists here and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Not many things give me chills but when it comes to true art it has an affect over my soul. I feel the emotion the love the detail of each garment that the designer put into it. Their masterpiece is a true piece of art, if you truly understand and feel it its beautiful.