Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bert Keeter

First [published] article in Chellea Magazine.

written by Sarah Svetlana

editorial by Jeff Linett

I don't have a TV for entertainment, but I do have a Jeff Linett who takes photographs of people on TV, which I think is much better entertainment. 
Bert opened the door with a big smile. Looking into his studio space, filled with racks and racks of gorgeous gowns, dresses, and suits, I immediately became a lifelong Bert Keeter fan. He graciously let me choose anything I wanted from his collection and I got to play model in front of his mirror while he showed me how to tie tulle into a stunning accessory for the black dress I pulled. Quite a humbling and inspiring experience.     
The designer and reality star who appeared on Project Runway Season 9 is a man of taste. A graduate of Parsons, he is a veteran of the fashion industry, working for fashion houses like Holy Harp, Bill Blass, Arnold Scaasi and Halston. His vision, as evidenced in his collections, is one that incorporates classical concepts of beauty—in both color and texture, which rise above the trends, and stand the test of time. His color palette is elegant yet vibrant. I chose three dresses, one blue and two black. Each piece I chose represented his attention to detail and his keen eye for the shape of a woman’s body.
The heavy silk of the blue gown I chose felt like pure luxury against my skin (and made me hum the tune of “Blue Velvet” in my head). Floor length and long sleeved, it was the neckline that defined the beauty of this design. The cut of the neckline was generous, exposing the clavicle and elongating the neck. Surprisingly, I found that it was in the abundance of fabric—in being ensconced, that I felt most sexy. The black dress, on the other hand, was a wonderful interpretation of the LBD (little black dress). Constructed out of two layers, it once again revealed his penchant for feminine and evocative, as opposed to overtly sexy.  While Bert doesn't follow the trends, he allows them to influence his design, but just enough to remain current and very very relevant. I love that I can wear one of his blazers, so elegant and sumptuous, works so well with some jeans and a pair of heels.   
I am so glad to have met Bert, because it gave me the chance to rediscover the beauty of “more”—more detail and more fabric that accents and accentuates, instead of revealing or covering up. Audrey Hepburn lives in all of us; Bert just helps us remember that.