Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Night.

Opted on going out tonight. Then, changed my mind.

This is what I wore..

Look, let me get this straight first. I will be the first at the Barney's sale and I love my designer and my couture like any girl in this fucking city. But, I will not pass up the chance to dig for my shit in a thrift store and when I find a treasure I can't help but to post it. I was just about to apologize for my language (mom) but I decided I'm not going to. Anyway, I found this pencil skirt thrifting the other day. It's of course vintage (I'm a whore for it) but it fits like a glove and the actual cut, fabric and a color is so perfectly classic that I know it will be in my closet till the day my ass grows too big to wear it.
 I say, be a snob about fashion but never be a snob about finding an amazing piece at a thrift store. All you need is patience, a few bucks and a good eye. I suppose the good eye should be first but since you are already reading this blog you clearly have a good eye. effin wink.

total money spent on entire ensemble: Skirt 9.00 Wool Pencil Skirt. Approx 1955-1965
Blouse- Oldie but goodie from Arden B ($45.00 at the time)

                                                        Photography by Jeff Linett-- BFF