Monday, February 25, 2013

Downtown LA. How I love and hate you.

I promised day shots and I have delivered. 

I had to return all the clothes to every PR agency today and I discovered returning is not quite as fun as pulling. I decided to look more on the professional side, although considered a bit casual. I feel blessed that in my line of work you don't need to wear a boring black pantsuit (unless its vintage Dior or Chanel of course). Anytime I wear a pencil skirt I just feel all woman. I kept it easy going by just adding an over sized tank top tucked in the shirt with a vintage IZOD Lacoste sweater that was handed down to my photographer Jeff Linett's grandfather (purchased date was estimated around mid 70s). My skirt is D&G, belt versace (vintage) and mom's vintage clutch.

OK, lovely kiddos.. I'll talk to you soon!