Friday, February 22, 2013

Pulling, hard.

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Those pants would look better on my floor..

Today I had the pleasure of styling Jeff Linett's shoot. Two editorials for Agenda Magazine and for Mami Magazine. I spent many hours yesterday going from showroom to showroom pulling pieces for today's shoot.  
I can't show you the actual photos yet but I can show you some behind the scenes photos. Besides modeling I absolutely love being able to style other models/people (since models are clearly not real people).
The beautiful model, Frances with her gorgeous red hair and bright blue eyes made styling her a breeze. 
I picked up the hat last second at the local goodwill. Knowing Frances was the model, I knew I had to get a hat to contrast with the red. I spotted this baby blue hat with orange stiching for 2 bucks and I knew it would make her eyes and hair pop. It also fits me, so I will most definitely be rocking it this summer. win-win. 

Clothing courtesy of: Angelina Pitt, Merlin Castell, THV PR, Red Light PR, Alana Hale, Kip Morrison & Associates, Fashion Forwards
Makeup by the talented and amazing Gordan Bahn