Monday, July 8, 2013


My real life Icelandic fairy god mother. Stella Dottir is everything you'd want in one and so much more. Her art pours into her daily life and I'm always excited to go to Stella's show room since I met the designer/artist years ago. Her store, which is more of a home for the fashion inspired and the neighbors throughout downtown LA is also the home for her beloved kitties that will roam in and out. Reminding me of a French boudoir with paintings she has laid out that she paints after having beautiful visions and dreams—Stella designs her pieces after old Hollywood glamour mixed with 20s inspired lace and cuts. Any glamour girl back then would be ecstatic to wear. Except I personally am dressed by Stella and get to try on a one of a kind dress made from vintage fabrics, Stella sat back in her chair to delight in her creation.
I was with my photographer Jeff Linett that day, so you know we shot almost immediately the moment we left the store.

Thank you Stella for being amazing and I hope to be just like you when I grow up.


Go check out her store online:

Location downtown:

1242 e7st #106, Los Angeles, California

Photographs by Jeff Linett