Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The little suit that could.

This is art, a woman's body should be celebrated. Curves create shadows and reflect light to tell stories. Beautiful tales.
Beautiful love songs.

I can't help it but when I see a vintage swimsuit or bodysuit I immediately need to buy it. It works with almost anything, especially high waisted or by its self at the pool. Bikinis are sexy but I think a high cut on your thigh and an open back screams sex appeal.

I bought this "snake skin" swimsuit at one of my secret thrift shops for under two bucks.

I went over to my good friend and fashion photographer Angel Alfaro's studio to shoot for his upcoming coffee table book. He captures women's bodies the way they were meant to be seen. Even his nudes would never be called trashy or glam. Just raw, beautiful art. No makeup, no hair products (obviously) yet these are by far my favorite shots in a long time. When you are comfortable in your skin, your surroundings and confident there's no way you could be wrong.

We also took a stroll outside in literally my underwear and my moto boots. Here is the rest of the shoot. Hope you like!

Check out his work: