Friday, December 20, 2013


Hi, my name is Sarah and I am addicted to buying jackets. I realize Los Angeles may seem like a ridiculous place to have an abundance of overcoats, but the nights here a little chilly. However, when you want to dress up a plain jean and tee, a jacket is a great addition  that will immediately tie to any outfit together, making you look effortlessly chic [or if you happen to be naked].

The first photo was taken as a test shot, this was my actual outfit of the day. I had a 90s inspired day: my mood dictated baggy Levi's and a gray tank top with a hand knit scarf (courtesy of my grandmother). You will notice I wore my handmade Mala prayer beads throughout the entire shoot. The last few photos don't have any jackets or much of anything but the shoot ended up being natural and beautiful and I wanted to share.

As you may have probably noticed, I love all things vintage. I like to mix and match vintage (in this case jackets) with current trends. This way you can always infuse your own style into any trend without ever looking like anyone else [or if you happen to be naked].

*Boots are Sam Edelman

I hope you enjoy the photos ladies and gentlemen .  .