Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nature, beauty and being raw.

The tranquality of Mereno Valley was unexpected. It was an hour and half outside of Los Angeles and I was having a hard time understanding why we were going to shoot there till of I saw the beauty of the mountains and the uncharted territory that Los Angeles hasn't tainted, yet. 

I arrived to shoot with a very talented and amazing photographer named Ray Guitterez. I shot with the plants and rock formations as my back drop and props and I became a part of the beauty and rawness that was around me. 

I have a hard time expressing emotion verbally at times but when I finally got to shoot the pain, happiness, joy and even my anxiety from my life transended into my images. I finally felt at peace especially with everything happening in my life I knew I needed exactly this shoot to make me feel like myself again. No studio, no makeup artist. Just me, nature and the photographer. 


When life becomes too much, especially in this city, I encourage everyone to reconnect with nature, even for a few hours it will recharge your soul and make you realize the importance of being connected with the world outside technology. No cellphone service made it easy to forget the bullshit that lerked back in LA and I finally had my therapy session, not as a model but truly as an artist. 


It wasn't till the drive back and hitting five o'clock traffic did reality hit me. I am excited to share these photos with you and I hope they inspire you to explore your backyard and truly listen and connect with the world around us. 

Everything worn is vintage of course, even my boots-- 

90's grunge mixed with country boho. I felt like I could lay in the fields for days...